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The Center for Reconstructive Urology at the University of California, Irvine mission is “Discover, Teach, Heal.” We are an internationally recognized tertiary care center dedicated to state-of-the-art patients, improving care through innovation and research, training future leaders, and international outreach to improve the lives of men in less developed countries.

CFRU is committed to improving lives through sharing information and helping to serve the medical needs of disadvantaged communities in various parts of the world. Visit the Outreach section of this site to learn how CFRU has delivered on this commitment over the years.

Our transformative research has been very successful, but our efforts need to continue, and that requires ongoing support through individual donations and grants. We strive every day to improve the lives of those living with afflictions such as Urethral Stricture and Peyronie's Disease. Won't you help by making a contribution?


Dr. Gelman was invited to be an expert guest on The Doctors T.V. show, and explained how urethral strictures and injuries could be successfully repaired. Also appearing was one of Dr. Gelman’s patients who suffered a torn urethra and then underwent a successful surgery, called urethroplasty, to repair the urethra.


Many of Dr. Gelman’s patients who undergo penile surgery for placement of a penile implant to treat erectile dysfunction or surgery to correct penile curvature (e.g. Peyronie’s Disease) are reluctant to share the story of their experience publicly. However, one of Dr. Gelman’s patients consented to join Dr. Gelman on The Doctors' show so that men who suffered from having a bent penis would know that with proper treatment, the penis could be straightened.

Journal Articles and Online Publications


Dorsal and ventral buccal grafting appears to be an excellent option for a 1-stage repair of long obliterative anterior urethral strictures and strictures that include segments of obliterative or near-obliterative disease in selected cases.


We describe the first use of a balloon dilator that allows the safe, controlled, and gentle dilation of urethral strictures under direct vision.


Dr. Gelman provides tips for the successful open surgical reconstruction of posterior urethral disruption injuries.


Dr. Gelman performs a One-Stage Urethral Reconstruction For Stricture Recurrence After Urethral Stent Placement

The report describes the technique and results of 10 men who underwent single-stage reconstruction of recurrent strictures within a Urolume stent.

Coverage of the Wesley Warren Jr. Case

Sometimes a single case garners a lot of attention. Scrotal lymphedema is a rare condition associated with a massive swelling of the skin of the scrotum and tissue between the scrotal skin and the testicles. In severe cases, the size of the scrotum can reach the size of a basketball or larger. When Mr. Wesley Warren developed a scrotum that weighed over 134 lbs, he was homeless, living in Nevada, and unable to obtain care locally. Dr. Gelman at the Center for Reconstructive Urology agreed to perform his successful 14-hour surgery for free. We were able to demonstrate that with these most challenging cases, we could obtain a successful result without major complications.


Wesley describes his experience searching for help for his condition and explains why he calls surgeon Dr. Joel Gelman, his “miracle doctor.”


For five painful years, Wesley Warren Jr. watched his scrotum slowly swell into a 134-pound mass that hung to his ankles.


Scrotal lymphedema, also known as scrotal elephantiasis, is a “massive enlargement” of the scrotum.


Warren lived with a massive, continuously growing scrotum sac for five years before getting it surgically removed by Dr. Joel Gelman at UCI Medical Center in Orange on April 8.


Radio talk show host Howard Stern got listeners to send Warren to see Dr. Joel Gelman, a California urologist who specializes in scrotal lymphedema.