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Bulbar Urethral Stricture Surgery Complications

Mr. A.S. had a bulbar stricture. He was treated with numerous dilations with sounds, 4 failed laser internal urethrotomy surgeries, and then ( failed open urethroplasty using a skin graft from his arm. He then had a penile skin flap surgery. His legs were in stirrups and he developed the complication called compartment syndrome where large deep cuts needed to be made in his legs. That surgery failed, and Mr. S. resumed self dilation using instruments called filiforms and followers. One day, a filiform became stuck in his urethra and broke off, and Mr. S. required emergency removal. At that point, he was referred to Dr. Gelman, and underwent a successful re-do re-do urethral reconstruction. At the Center for Reconstructive Urology, we have a custom table and stirrups to help prevent complications from the legs being placed in stirrups and have never had the complication of compartment syndrome.

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