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Blood Transfusion after Urethrotomy then Stent Failure

Mr. P.S. had a urethral stricture that probably was initially short and could have been easily repaired with a single surgery if properly performed. Instead, he was managed for many years with catheterization and dilation. Diagnostic urethral imaging was never performed prior to treatment. During a failed attempt at an internal incision, Mr. S. had such severe internal bleeding from his urethra that he required 2 weeks of hospitalization and a blood transfusion. He then underwent a failed urethral stent placement. When he was referred to the Center for Reconstructive Urology, he had a 12 cm stricture. He was successfully repaired 5 years ago with open stent removal and urethroplasty using bilateral buccal mucosa grafts (graft tissue from inside the cheek).

Category: Urethral Stricture